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MU Services Corporation is an Omani institution specialized in the field of digital and marketing services, software and design, which achieves access and spread to customers in a distinctive way, by relying and working with a creative and professional team at a high level of experience and skill and with a selection of the best experts from designers, marketers and programmers that we offer that Modern and modern ideas that suit your needs and satisfy your desires for growth and prosperity together

Our Services

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Motion Graphics

It is one of the effective methods used to attract customers to the product or service provided by the company, through interesting professional content and innovative creative design.

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Graphic Design

In the end, a good design is not only a beautiful design, but a design that can explain a complex story in the simplest possible way.

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Animation technology relies on having a story and attractive characters that brands use to promote their products.

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Interior design and implementation

It is the science and art closely related to architecture, and it is concerned with planning and beautifying interior spaces with a creative touch.

Advertising and cinematography

We have the most skilled photographers with the latest imaging equipment to produce the highest quality and professional image

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Marketing Plans

It is the roadmap that any company should follow in order to organize, implement and follow up the various marketing strategies to achieve the goals

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Web and App Development

The best programming techniques that allow us to apply what is imagination to a tangible and real reality

Social Media Management

Marketing is an integral part of any business. We provide you with a social media management service to ensure success and distinguished results.


We seek to build a successful business environment for various projects and brands, and create a digital entity with characteristics and values specific to each successful partner with us, in order to ensure the enhancement and consolidation of the presence of his mental image in front of various customers on a permanent and sustainable basis.


We, the entire Omani MU team, are looking forward to achieving a complete and modern digital transformation, which has become an indispensable requirement, so we will help you through our inspiring team to build the digital transformation of your company, open up to the world, and grow your business, to take it to the fore.

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